The Arctics Mysterious Ping


In two thousand sixteen. A man piloted his sailboat. Through the fury and hecklers straight in the northern canadian territory of nunavut as he cut through the water his sonar equipment emitted a peculiar sound. It was a single long tone high pitched and shrill to consistent to be run of the mill background noise after a few moments. The sound stopped but it had already kick started a mystery. The sailor was the first person to hear the nunavut ping. We don't know how word spread but soon news of the pain had reached the local at town of igloo. Lick as with many small hamlets in northern canada. A lot of glue lick residents relied on the ocean. They made their living hunting seals and other water mammals and they usually found their prey in the fury and hecklers straight. This waterway boasted an abundance of seals and was free from ice year round but recently hunters had struggled in the fury and hekla straight. Nobody knew why but the animals were disappearing win. The glue lick heard about the ping. They assumed a connection. The southbound must be driving the seals out of the fury and heckler straight even more concerning the ping hadn't done away over the next few weeks other hunters and if few vacationers on yachts detected it as well. If they listened carefully they could hear it through their hall but it appeared clear as day on sonar witnesses described it as a beep abuzz or most commonly ping no one could figure out where it came from

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