The Science Of Measuring Audience Engagement With Dr. Nick Hobson

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Nikki said yesterday. One of the things that stuck out to me. And i i asked you to put a pin in. It was talking about your ability to evaluate and use data to understand what somebody's sort of mental status. Or what their psychology. What goes into their decision. Making let spend a little time talking about that. How do you figure out or i guess. What are the variables that you think about. When you're trying to understand what someone's decision making looks like so you can start from the very beginning which we also do in the beginning and we say if we had to sort of lay out every single reason every single psychological state every sort of internal process. That actually happens if we could some weird futuristic world which maybe we're not so far away from because you probably get there. We could look at them on a screen or on the table and say these are the ten. These are the twenty or whatever number it is that matter most in predicting some sort of important dot com that's the ideal sort of state we want now human behavior and the human mind in the human brain is infinitely complex. And although we've come a long way in the last one hundred years in particular the last twenty years since sort of neuroscience and cognitive neuroscience technology. There's so much to be done to get to a really great point where we have a great deal of accuracy so you start from that point and then the question for us is okay. What is that number is defined is. The two three is twenty-five we don't know. And we use very fancy statistical modeling things that's called factor analysis and other sort of more advanced modeling guesses relevant. Ai and machine learning and we basically prove or show with a degree of confidence that these are the number of things and this is what they are. Now go and collect data ankle zero. How strong they are with a group of individuals so the second that you said neuro science my pea brain got intimidated started blackout and not able to comprehend the various factors. So i understand. And i'll put this in layman terms. We could take pictures of the brain right now and we can get actual data to see what drives activity so we provide stimulation and understand what's happening in the brain and then start to use data from what stimulus is being driven to figure out some idea of decision making

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