A highlight from A Small Victory Inside a Big Defeat


Later today the entire country will see whether our republican friends are willing to debate this issue in broad daylight this afternoon. The united states senate will vote on a motion to proceed to voting rights legislation. That was senate majority leader. Chuck schumer previewing. What is almost certainly going to be a defeat for his party on the four. The people act later today now. This isn't even a vote on the actual bill. This is just a vote on whether or not to bring the bill up for debate in the united states senate but of course his idea of republicans. Actually engaging in this debate was pretty much rhetorical. the answer is a clear and resounding no at least according to senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. They've made it abundantly clear that the real driving force behind this one is a desire to rig the rules of american elections permanently and democrats favor. That's why the senate will give this as us proposal. No of course. Schumer is eager to unify his party and then put all the blame on republicans as a wall of opposition to this but the reality is chuck schumer. The democratic leader said. This was one of two major priorities. Two top priorities for his leadership in the senate this year and it's doomed to fail but one small victory here for majority leader. Schumer is that he is keeping democrats united on this vote the late big development in this story today senator joe manchin and chuck schumer announced that they have agreed to a deal where mansion is going to vote. Yes on the motion to proceed to move on to this bill and to begin debate. Therefore all fifty democrats will be unified to begin debating this bill putting the public pressure on the republicans for their opposition touting the compromises that mansion was able to work into this bill he said in a statement quote this process would allow both republicans and democrats to offer amendments to further. Change the bill. Unfortunately my republican colleagues refused to allow debate of this legislation. Despite the reasonable changes made to focus the bill on the core issues facing democracy. Of course there are a lot of democrats who disagree with mansions proposal especially the voter. Id provision where mansion requires expanding voter. Id laws across the country but just getting to this point where the caucus could be unified to move on to the debate. Is i guess. A small message. Victory here for chuck schumer joe biden of course if the democrats are totally unified it will be the issue of the filibuster that prevents this bill from moving forward and that is why kirstin cinema democrat of arizona took to the op ed pages of the washington post to write a piece recommitting her opposition to fillibuster reform quote to those who want to eliminate the legislative filibuster to pass the four. The people act. I would ask. Would it be good for our country if we did only to see that legislation rescinded a few years from now. So if you're looking for any opening on democrats who have been resistant to changing the filibuster coming on board just for the purposes of getting this voting rights legislation passed. You should keep on looking. The white house said today that we can expect a written statement and joe biden's name once the vote actually has taken place and that we can expect to hear from him on this issue in the next couple of days but ask yourself in all that you've observed about joe biden and the priorities he's put forth day in and day out for the american people to see has fighting for this legislation. Been part of that two months ago at his first press conference he said it would be and i asked whether or not you think joe biden is actually leaned into trying to get this done or if he was aware from the beginning that the numbers were never there and they were going to have to figure out an alternate strategy to actually accomplish

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