Three Degrees of Separation From Neil Fallon With Rockie Brockway


We are here with the most patient guests on the planet earth because we had some technical difficulties morning. Rockie brockway is currently the practice lead for the office of the cfo. Wow that sounds like really formal. And i'm gonna say trusted sec. Which just makes me think of dave and formal in dave. Don't go together but this learn more about that. Twenty eight years of experience and information security business risk rocky you specialize in business risk analysis in the inherent relationships between data assets adversaries and the organization's brand value you provide strategic and tactical advisory services for trusted set clients assisting them in maturing their organization security programs so first of all thank you so much for being here and being patient thank you. It's a pleasure to be on podcast. I'm excited actually to learn a little more about first of all this title even means the practice lead for the office of the cfo for trusted sec. Because that's not something i've heard before. So what is what. Does that even mean church. So so at trust the sec. My role and my team You know really is working close with organizations in kind of that virtual chief information security officer just from an activity perspective Helping organizations further mature their security programs really taking a look at how organizations can better align the the protection of important stuff Really with the business right. So there's so much that from a from an organic security program growth perspective that doesn't know inherently are naturally aligned with you know what the business is actually trying to accomplish. Security tends to be kind of a bubble over here for many organizations and so we we try to break down those barriers help. Organizations help really help organizations at our align all those activities around protecting the important things with the with business need in an requirements.

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