Digital Teleconverters Are Better than You Might Think


Today. I'm going to talk about the joy of digital tele converters honest. I'm serious. This is not a joke. I'm really going to talk about how cool these things are now. I'm going to start with a story from fathers day which just happened I'm recording this on monday. So this was yesterday and my two boys live down in the santa clara area. And i'm in santa rosa. So san francisco is sort of like halfway in between so they set up the sing where we would meet Down in san francisco Around the presidio area which is just this lovely beautiful area part of san francisco and so we'd meet down there and they arranged for some takeout and we're going to eat out on this great green expanse at the presidio. Were just beautiful. People go there and they just hang out and picnic and families come and then after we had our picnic and so forth They had a walk planned and we kind of walk along crissy field in some nice views of the golden gate bridge and the city itself. So i knew that You know where we're gonna be someone to make sure. I had a camera with me. But i also knew that i wanted to travel light. This wasn't a day for me to you. Know have a bunch of photos care. And be. Like one of those dads. This was a day for me to enjoy and spend time with my boy. So i wanted to travel light well. I'm sure that's a huge shock to you right. Of course. I wanted to travel i. I almost always wanted to travel light. Regardless so i packed in my pocket. I had the iphone twelve pro. Max and i thought that would be particularly useful for the ultrawide if i needed it in a does have that. You know that to axe telephoto there. But i was more in the mood to shoot with fuji film. The x one hundred v is this that kind of day. I don't know i just. It just felt good to hold it in the hand and everything so my iphone stayed in my pocket all day. I never. I never used it once but i did pull out the x one hundred eighty. So we're taking our walk. And i i see some shots when we when we get near the water Played around with some shots with the golden gate bridge in the background in some really cool things in the foreground. That was fun in the thirty five millimeter. Equivalent lands of the excellent hundred v Was fantastic for that. It really was. It was great so that was all going really well. But then we kind of reversed direction. We went back the other way and the view that right away caught. My eye was the san francisco skyline with a kind of a semi low hanging clouds bank. So he had a little bit of blue right behind the buildings. Some fog above it a love that kind of sandwich. Look it's it's really gorgeous and in the foreground right in front of the city was the dome from the palace of fine arts. Going man has really nice. And then i had some good stuff to work within the foreground in front of that even so i'm going. That is a shot. i wanna do. I know a little bit of a postcard. Shaba does kind of an unusual angle and the lighting was really good. And i just wanted. The shooter is wanted to shoot him.

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