Can I Tempt You With a Glass of Radioactive Vodka?

The Gargle


This is a radioactive news here. The first bottles of what what is being called an artisanal spirit that has been made using apples. Grow near chenobyl had been seized by ukrainian authorities who spoilsports will not let people drink this horrifying drink. Would you drink artisanal apple chenobyl vodka. You know what it is. It's the name really it sticks. You know snowball nuclear waste it sticks. I think whatever you're going to call it later on in life it's going to be tricky right in with various names. Would i ever be ready for a sushi restaurant fukushima. I'm not sure. I'm not sure as sort of nuclear disasters. Go named stick you know. I don't think i'm ready for a new steakhouse. Call to kevin spacey. I don't think i'm ready for that. So if there is a disaster that followed it does follow you throughout life. And i'm not. I'm not sure awe no matter how good the spirit is. I'll keep thinking about that. Hbo show featuring the nuclear thing. We yes so. Apparently the real issue for being seized has to do with excise stamps rather than the obvious issue with it being radioactive spirit made from radioactive. Apple's apparently the radioactivity left in the spirit is quite low but even so there's something about about that it's like you know somebody says they made salad. Oh using their own vaginal yeast send the during the process. The actual yeast is sort of dissipated or sanitized. But i still feel deeply uncomfortable taking that vegemite on toast. It's too much yeast for me. Vegemite is sufficient Rachel would you buy atomic apple spirit. By if someone offered me trier you take this out of red too though i listen. I'm not a hundred percent

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