A highlight from Dustin Johnson Joins, and the PIP Battles Are Heating Up

Fore Play


Four right barstool sports. We are back and we have a massive guests on the show. I don't know that we've ever had in the history of the show. The number one ranked player in the world on the show but dustin johnson currently the current number one ranked golfer on this here. The planet earth is on the show. We've got dustin johnson and you're gonna love it. We're going to get to that. We gotta talk. I want to make sure. I which is of course. The best mixture company that's ever been created Number one ranked. I would say if i if i were going off. The rigs rankings number one ranked mixer company in the official world mixed company rankings is obviously mixing. Got the transfusion paloma grapefruit all kinds of good stuff. So you know and these guys are big. Meet and greet owens guys you guys lunch. Party agree and drink owens to watch ads watch parties party. We watched a couple golf holes. Watch a little bit of hockey listening. Owns mixers did people meet us. And did we greet them into. We have a good time drinking. Owns mixers we absolutely did but it was in no way shape or form meet and greet for sure number one in the mixer space. I see that. I see people talking about the mixer. Rankings a lot. At least on the internet and owens is always number one. It's all the majors. Yeah locked up for all the major points and stuff because you know. Owens mixers dominated the mixer games so they got the transfusion which we love which was sold out every day the pga championship according to my onsite intel and and we

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