Bitcoin, a Fiduciary Duty With Nik Bhatia


Nick could see again. Sorry sorry delaying this interview. No worries great to see you so firstly. Tell me how the book is going. It's going break Were eighteen thousand copies worldwide. Now which is really really exciting. That includes as some i runned. Orders from asia and china over those foreign translation rights have been signed. Verse runs have been ordered. So i'm really excited about The chinese version Are urged with social sciences academic press which is publishing arm of the chinese government and so they are fully embracing the idea of bitcoin as an investment. Which is something that. I'd love to get into a little bit more today. Not necessarily as money or as a competitor to err currency but just as an investment and the the book is just gotten great feedback around the world so just released added about where it's going. What's it was. It meant for you. Though i'm i'm assuming since been released your dm's of on fire your your emails on bonfire. I'm seem a lot of people to get in touch. How's that affected your time and kind of what you're doing folks in on. It changed everything for me because up until when the book was published. I was still trying to find my way in the new bitcoin career I worked for a couple of startups as you know Writing for them. I wrote the book. I've been writing blog articles for a few years. But i left the bond industry for good in late. Twenty nineteen and so the book getting strong feedback. Actually sell coffees and bringing in some as brought me a private consulting and writing contract gigs. But it's also encouraged me to become an author full-time and so. That's what i've decided to do. And the second book is officially underway. And i haven't told anybody about this yet but exclusive isn't exclusive here The book is going to be focused on

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