A highlight from You Are Fine - Crypto Is Volatile


Welcome to the podcast in the diet the dip is could yes for all of you out there. Who are freaking out. I'm sorry it sucks that you frigging that breakout you donate to freak care guy. I'm really hopeful that i do a lot of content ron a lot of contact with a lot out there defray stuff menendez podcast all sorts of things john. Cover everything everything that i deemed to be necessary and important when it comes to what we do in the markets and my expectations training so when i say People that are concerned I understand it entirely completely one hundred percent absolutely but also just hope that people are capturing the bits of content that they need to be which you know we so bitcoin having no miss run an enormous run i discussed it considerably really about the the requirement of the named ready to be looking at taking prophets along. Why and i stand by it. Because i can tell you right now that we're i sit. The view that i have is one. Where i'm i'm not. I'm not worried i'm not frazzled. Even if we went into a bear market now of banked prophets along the way a bought myself time now show. I'm not trying to lodge bounce than than some but it doesn't matter because it's all percentile. It's percentage multiple the account. You're working with and if you not looking prophets along the white guy then. I guess you putting yourself in harm's way on now this same white you know what i don't want to be standing lockers Diet on to provide you guys with that information. I hope that you take it on board. I'll have to use it for wall. I have been talking about locking in those profits. Done podcast on it as well. We have seen a full on not concerned about this full of talking about this on a monthly shot for quite some time We have now a monthly candidates down thirty three percent.

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