Potato Cakes (MM #3719)

The Mason Minute


The Maison with Kevin Nation. I know I shouldn't be upset. I know what the first world problem, but I saw the news the other day that I've been dreading and actually do me and reading off. This is announced, they're getting rid of their famed. Potato cakes. They added the crinkle fries, a while back, and I had a feeling potato cakes would be going soon. I don't know why I'm so enamored with them. I can actually remember the first time I ever had, Arby's Plato kicks out. Is that on vacation in Anaheim? California in 1974. That was the first time I'd ever encountered an Arby's and it was love at first bite, my mom went to work at an Arby's when we lived in Norfolk back in the late, seventies into the early eighties. And so, I'd always be able to go over and see Mom and grab. Either a beef and cheddar or regular roast beef, an order of potato cakes, and a jamocha shake. And that, pretty much tells you why. I'm as big as I am today, but I've loved the potato cakes and I think every meal I ever had an Arby's has always included, potato cakes. And I know there's nothing I can do at least, I'm not the only one upset and I know it's silly to be upset but well they kind of teased that they may be coming back on a limited basis down the road. That's still not good enough job.

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