The Stories of the Stars


In greek mythology. Stars are more than joust stars. A group of stars were constellation is sometimes arranged in a certain shape that makes it look like an image of something kind of like a big connect the dots puzzle the greeks used to believe these shapes represented heroes and warriors that deserve a spot in the sky to be remembered and revered for all eternity. It is a true honor to be placed among the stars but of course stars are only large incandescent celestial bodies that are so far away. They look like tiny points of light. They are not the outlines of long ago. Heroes you gotta make everything less cool. I make everything way more cool with science. scientists use. Exploding stars called super nova's to try to communicate with aliens since super nova's are the brightest things in the sky. They send messages in the opposite direction. Hoping aliens are looking our way okay. That is cool. I admit okay now. We've already mentioned a few of the heroes placed in the sky. Hercules for example era please erica's right heracles. Exactly and today we're going to discuss. Two more characters earned their rightful place in the night sky. Orion and callisto ryan and callisto are rarely talked about together. I do not know if they have ever interacted. That's true. We're not sure if the two ever met each other. But they both were honored by the gods after their deaths and they both share a very important friend in common artists. Artists is the greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals. She is also the goddess of the moon and protector of young girls and women who are not mother's responsibility.

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