UN Chief: 'Hell on Earth' for Children of Gaza

UN News


If there is a hell on earth. It is the lives of children in gaza. Un secretary general. Tony guitarist said on thursday in an impassioned appeal for an end to ongoing violence in the occupied palestinian territory and in israel in his address to the un general assembly. Mister gutierrez repeated his appeal for a revitalized peace process describing it. As the only route to adjust and lasting solution the un chief's comments came amid increasing international calls for a ceasefire after more than ten days of air strikes by israeli defense forces on gaza and targets and rocket fire into israel by armed groups including hamas based in the end clave misty guitarist noted that he and other senior united nations officials were pushing for an end to hostilities by all parties to the conflict through extensive diplomatic efforts within the region including egypt jordan and qatar and key partners in the international community. I call on all members of the international community to do everything in their power to enable the parties to conflict to step back from the brink. He said latest data indicates that the clashes which are the may serious since two thousand fourteen have claimed the lives of two hundred and nineteen palestinians including sixty four children and thirty six women and injured thousands more. There have also been at least twelve fatalities in israel including two children and hundreds of injuries from rockets fired by hamas and other militant groups which mister gutierrez also condemned

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