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Reminder if you'll love this podcast if you could please leave me a five star review on apple podcast. If that's where you listen that would just mean a whole lot to me. You don't even have to write that much if you want to. You can some of you deal and it super meaningful. And i appreciate that but if you love this podcast i would love a five star review. Subscribe on youtube. Allie beth. Seki if you haven't all ready all right. Let's talk about some of the awesome questions that you guys sent me first question. How socialism misunderstand human nature. I love this question because it's only that we talked about a lot. And i don't get tired of talking about it on the reason why socialism has not worked in. It has never worked. You can look at the twentieth century and you can see how much it has failed this assertion that socialism has never been tried. Simply is not true. It's just never been tried and worked. The reason is because it goes against human nature and if you look at the nordic countries the nordic countries the leaders of the nordic countries. We'll tell you look. We're not socialist. Yes they have. Hefty social democracies or they have hefty social safety net. They have a welfare state. They have very high flat tax rate some of those countries so like sixty percent but it's fly and so whether you're rich or whether you're poor everyone is paying sixty percent and they're paying into their education system their welfare system their healthcare system and all of that very different than the united states. We have a very progressive. Tax system may be the most progressive tax system in the western world in. That's not only are you paying more dollar wise if you're rich but you're paying a much higher proportion if you are rich so another thing. Is that like when people say that. The rich don't pay their fair share. Well the top. Fifty percent of earners in america pay something like ninety percent of all taxes. And if you are poor in the united states you don't pay anything in taxes you actually earn money from the government by way of welfare and things like that so we have a very progressive and leftist type tax system in the united states of course under bite and he is raising taxes on people. He originally said it was going to be four. Hundred thousand is actually going to be two hundred thousand as i'm recording this. I'm recording this in march by the way in so again the nordic countries people who say well that's socialism and not work not only is it not socialism but it actually has some more conservative elements to their tax structure. That america does in some ways and are very pro free market. They are very pro business in those countries now. They're left leaning and a lot of ways especially socially. And there's not You don't have the same constitutional rights in those countries but they are not socialist countries. Their economies are not socialist. And even if they were or i should just say the reason why it works for them in some ways it doesn't actually work completely but the reason why it works okay for them to have such big government to have such high taxes because they're very small countries they're also culturally homogeneous countries. They're very different than the united states. We i mean it's it's wonderful. How much cultural diversity that we have but it also makes us very complex in the answers to our problems more complex more multifaceted than it does to those tiny small business nordic countries and so the comparison them just isn't great. It's just not great. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense and like i said those are not a socialist countries so socialism has never succeeded. This idea of confiscating. Power property capital from the haves and giving it to the have not so to accomplish some kind of so-called equity mean that everyone ends up in the same place everyone has equal outcomes. Everyone has the same distribution of wealth According to what the government it doesn't actually work and the reason why i believe that goes against human nature is because is because it is human beings nature to own property that is their own. It's not just human nature by the way it's also moral it's also biblical in the ten commandments. Their commandments against Against property theft or even against wanting someone's property and so a lot of people say that you really only need to commandments to biblically dismantled socialism. And that is thou shall not covet. Endow shall not steal to not only discussed that. You're not supposed to steal something that isn't yours and i was absolutely applies to the government. But you're not to want something that's not yours. That's how much god believes in personal property. That's how much she believes. Not just personal property because marxist will say they believe in personal property but now private property but also private property property that is yours. You actually have ownership of it. That doesn't mean that we don't believe in taxes. The bible is clear that we're supposed to pay taxes we can render to caesar. What is caesar's but we're to render to gods what is god's were not to render to caesar that which is god's and caesar. We believe as roma's thirteen says should be subject to god. it's institution the government is created by god and should be subject to what he says right and he says wrong.

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