A highlight from I Eat No for Breakfast! | 6/02/21

Pat Gray Unleashed


Is here on the please radio network. It's not really so He was gonna be here. And then i got a phone call. That said you know really feeling one hundred percent. So i guess he came down with something he's feeling a bit rav. Feels like rubbish. Feels like under. The weather feels like a dog said yesterday as a matter of fact and he may have caught a bugah machine. I just know that he sounded unwell when i talked to him last night as he was already he was pumped was psyched. He wanted to come in and he wanted to see you today in particular. You wanted to see you and talk to you. But no he He's not well so he'll be here tomorrow. At least that's what he's looking forward to. And so am i but really really those of you. That are here right now. Do you really hair do

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