Biden Suspends Drilling Leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge


Biden is suspending all oil and gas leases issued for the arctic national wildlife refuge. I remember when the trump administration auction these off at the very end of his term. What what happened to them right. That was back in january right. Before the administration left office it auctioned off nine leases that would allow whoever owned them to drill for oil and gas on specific tracks of national wildlife refuge in alaska But on tuesday the biden administration that it would suspend all of those in review them to decide whether they should be allowed to proceed and biden said during the campaign that he opposes drilling in anwar the wildlife refuge in alaska but these leases were awarded as part of a program approved by congress back in two thousand seventeen so he can't just cancelled them because the companies the hold them could sue the administration if he did that so the suspension is just a temporary measure in the interior department will need to find some kind of legal or environmental reason why these leases shouldn't be allowed to proceed or else reinstate them at some point so we're not going to have an immediate halt to all the drilling right. There hasn't been drilling happening. They're they're more for exploration at this stage So it's not all teen in any actual equipment happening there but it would delay and hold any plans that any company had to develop their

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