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I heard a boom. And at first I thought it was fireworks. Like, Oh, great. And then I heard it again. And I thought maybe it was a construction. You know how they have the staple guns. There can be pretty loud. And then it was like boom boom boom boom boom. Let woman heard it, then rushed her Children to safety. Police responded and confronted the shooter. They say he threatened them with a gun and then was shot and wounded by police officers. Fiery crash on Interstate five has taken the lives of two police officers in San Diego, killed when ahead on driver collided with their car. The other driver perished as well. The White House still supporting Dr Anthony Fauci, despite the release of thousands of emails, some suggesting differences between his public statements on the virus and what he was telling others. Privately, Dr Fauci and many members of the NIH team medical and science experts because of their work over the last 10 years. We have developed a focus and effort and apparatus to fight this pandemic, and we are grateful to them for their work. Everybody wants to get to the bottom of the origin. White House press secretary Jen Psaki Facebook announcing Friday the suspension of former President

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