A highlight from Episode 61 Remembering Ian Crabb


It's me jaime well. I was going to be putting out a new podcast for the latest episode of the bad batch. But this morning i got some real bad news. Their fellow podcast. Dr name of ian crab had passed away now in crop was a fantastic contributor to sideshow. Sound theater you could often hear him on the score guides. Plus zone show of sideshow intel. Way would bring you juicy gossip from the world of composes film. Music and movie news and policy would also interview some of the people behind your favorite scores to some of your favorite movies. It was fantastic. I particularly loved his style of interviewing. Make me wanna do. Why do that's for sure Address hope that one day that i can be as good as him. That's for sure now. I interviewed in in two thousand and eighteen Because he interviewed a lot of people. But i really wanted to interview him. I wanted to know what his thoughts on various film scores and news and still fly. That and what happened was fantastic. It was very very good. It was it was more neck imagined from from this guy. And i did put it out as a bonus episode in two thousand eighteen. You can go back in have listened to it. The way walls bothell while do i'll replayed it And so you can. So you don't have to do any such and it's right there. And i hope you enjoy listening to me and any ink crab do this This wonderful interview with some fantastic music to go with it and so from me and us all radio free endo. I just want to say that We send our love and hoax and prayers to his family and his friends oversight. Show as podcast. We're here for you and listen to all these interviews. Go back to sideshow sound theater and download some of these shows. Were just fantastic. The rule there you to listen to which is the mark of the mandates is fantastic. I'm going to miss him. Gle miss listen to him. He was an absolute legend. What he did in this one's for you what we need someone who knows more than this. On this subject i know activate the digital oriented. Diode oscillators on second. Just get into more conveniences. Second make sure. He's biden coaches owning sake. Don't bring out the last one. The last was like his life. Lock box set that salty. There is while you two other quick shot someone mexico. Now see you again. Okay whites the what an audience of your extraordinary chapter of sideshow. Show sound radio and sideshow and out. It's in crab and welcome to the old. That's at on doyen out the oscillated inter jumble yourselves too much in use Use kept quite confined in that glass jar. We go over there right now yeah. I'm still quite gently. But i think it will come back so maury and also i'm sorry about the walks outside the can get a bit byte e every now and again to mind being been it's bad you know it's nice ashley unless the got rabies and then you then you need a shop. Yeah but you know rabies. You know who cares what we've got joy to take care of that in. It's no problem i'll go and get one i'll i'll i'll take the books and and the The rabies why. I've got you here for him. I was gone down through the twitter verse as you do. And i noticed that you're a tweet it so me that eiffel that's quite a good tweets. You tweeted john. Williams given up his bats on on the last trilogy. This new modern trilogy that was. That's he's done he's done that say and was like what what is going to take over. Who can it be so then original tweet and then you ask that same question. Who do you think we'll take over and have you on the show to answer. That question is a very good question. Who would you like to take. Over from john williams. The basic thing is i mean. He's not retiring from composing. Joan believes is still going to compose for steven spielberg and other films. But obviously i mean he's getting quite old now and he's still the master of the game. So who would you'd like to see takeover. If there is another trilogy of star was who would you like james to see take over a pundit on this quite a lot and considering now disney of taken over star wars and i've come to the to the final fat. They're all be dead before. I ever see an end to star wars. We're going to have to find somebody. That's young enough to take on the famous baton exactly because he looking at twenty years plus plus they've got to be able to encapsulate the style because there's one thing about star wars fans is if it ain't right. It's not right now. Blessed michael j. Keynote and with these rogue one soundtrack when i listened to apple got down. That's really really good. And then when i was religious thinking do you know what that's the best fan made score i've ever heard of a star wars film nolaac film. Yeah that would be a film. School and blessed

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