Dr. Fauci's Emails Prove He Knew of Wuhan Gain of Function Research


Today is the emails now. I'm going to take a different approach at first novel. Go into the more conventional. Take here it seems as if the washington post has decided to actually do a rare form of journalism. They filled out a freedom of information. Requests that foia a freedom of information act in fact. We talked about this at length on our podcast yesterday. That filling out a freedom of information act is one of the few ways to actually hold these tyrants these despots accountable so the washington post has now published thousands and thousands of private emails from dr anthony fauci. Some of them are rather boring and answering questions to celebrities and producers how he has time to do that not exactly sure thousands of emails. Just saying thanks then. There are some groundbreaking emails. Now before i get into these emails. I do not believe that this is all a coincidence. I don't believe the washington post would do this that some sort of a wink a nod a gesture. A point from ron clain. You see. I think that somebody wants dr anthony out she removed. I believe that and this is reflected in the emails. We're gonna get into it toys. Always the emails isn't it so funny how that works. I believe that the evidence is now overwhelming that the chinese corona virus was manufacturing in a laboratory. I believe dr anthony. Fauci was more involved than people realize. I believe that he was intimately into the wuhan institute of technology because of that and because of now the sudden interest and finding out where the virus came from. And how the evidence is showing this the not come from a bat. This did not come from the himalayan mountains. This did not come from a wet market. This came from a biolab that dr fauci very well might have visited himself but we do know that. The national institute of health funded the wuhan institute of technology through gain of function research.

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