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To examine Station get feel in that state to all right to bring you up to speed with yummy Park. I read about in the daily Mail, but she's been New York Post. Fox News, Jordan Peterson. Young me Why? E O n m I park P A. R K very obviously coming. The name among Koreans. Grew up in North Korea. 13 Told her mother, she is leaving her mother left with her. Their escape is somewhat miraculous. As any escape from North Korea's. It's very, very hard. And then you go to hell. Another hill in China, especially if you're female. Came the mistress of a man who protected her. Her mother and got her father out. But it was a little late on the father's side because he had already been tortured. If a member of your family escapes your tortured, this is a way to prevent people from leaving. Because they know the fate that will arrayed wait their relatives, their family. That's the world of North Korea. So the the man did get him out, but he came with colon cancer and passed away. Mother now lives in South Korea. So Who are you close to in America. I have a, uh thankfully, a lot of people who cares about me friends. All around the country, actually. Great. Count me as one of them. Eating on their thank you. So the The next obvious question is post actually, by Lawyer. My producer is What are you doing at Columbia? So I graduated last year, right before the before the pandemic go during the pandemic. I So now I'm actually looking at this as a human like the activists. I do everything I can to a radio right now. Especially about the part how Chinese Communist Party is responsible for sponsoring dictators with North Korea. And there is a modern day slavery adduced that there are about $300,000 clean defectors. In China and 99% of them are Celtic. So it is tragic that right now people in this country are passionate talking about slavery that happens. Hundreds of years ago, but it's happening to humanity. And I'm dying to let the world know that this is something happening in must start right now. Wow. So The vast majority of people who escaped. North Korea never get to South Korea. And never get to America. Well, that's certainly But boy, I assume their first choice is South Korea. No Uh, therefore, choice can be America, too. But America not as the front of seven North Korean What did you say about America? I didn't follow. I'm sorry. Please write. It's okay. Take your time. So my question was, Do they want to go to America or South Korea? More people who can get out of North Korea. Yeah. I don't know how to follow. Current South Korean politics. Back under the moon, Jane. South Korea became very oppressive. That's right. I do follow, but it's a left wing regime and and they they want, uh, to make nice too. To North Korea. Yeah, so they Really, actually, Dave, you, Patrick. No, it's going to factory. To send into the decade in North Korea, the Chinese dreamer Lot of young defectors who want to come to America, but America's It doesn't accept them, and I do this because I rescue a lot of the factors. And we tried to reach out to limit government. But they said I easily they should just go to South Korea. We've been having very challenging to bring these people. From that's great to America. Wait. Are you telling me that the South Korean government has sent back North Korean defectors? Yeah, back to North Korea, even though they know they'll just be tortured to death. He got executed. It's sort of back to ended. I return Yeah. So wait and South Koreans are don't have a problem with this. No most of South Korea and don't care about North Koreans they would rather passionate by for animals right than human life in North Korea. That's what we are living in. My dad's so many people willing to fight for little puppet. But they don't want to see these girls who are who are raped by Chinese Communist Party right now. You know the anti human documents so high that human life is something that a lot of people not by four. Unfortunately. Wow. Okay? I am sure we will meet and I look forward to doing so. It is very Thank you. The honor is truly mutual. Rather fight for animal rights. Then against North Koreans being returned to North Korea. Their fellow Koreans, not to mention fellow human beings. Well. That's the human condition. My friends. United States of America is abandoning people who helped us in Afghanistan, leaving them to be tortured to death by the Taliban. We care more about animals. That legitimate question. The most important question in all of life at all times everywhere. It's how do you make good people? Because We don't start out that way. In most cases And these are some of those examples. 18 Prager 776 back In a moment. 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