Southern State Parkway, Brooklyn And Bethpage State Parkway discussed on Mark Levin


Columbia, an American disposal services. W. ABC traffic in transit on the various on a bridge a problem on the lower deck heading into Brooklyn from Staten Island into Brooklyn. That lower deck has been blocked off with the vehicle fire. Traffic is jammed east span on the expressway in through that area, and the Brooklyn approaches the Belt Parkway and the Guan is also a mess. Also a problem in Nassau County on the Southern State Parkway. There's an accident westbound at Bethpage State Parkway. The Southern states been blocked off. They're all lanes shut down westbound traffic at a standstill east span where slow from Newbridge Road right and after the accident site, big jam up. On the Southern State Parkway. It's a miserable afternoon in Queens on the eastbound Grand Central by LaGuardia, The Whitestone Expressway. Very heavy North Bend up to the Whitestone Bridge. Still a lot of traffic on the eastbound L I e through Queens. It's at least an hour arrived from Greenpoint Avenue Out to the cross at the Parkway also delays here on the grand Central from Jewel Avenue. Right on out to the Northern State Parkway out towards New High Park Road. I'm J Chile's talk radio 77 WNBC. Hello America.

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