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To the final show. We've got you covered right off the top then when is a disgruntled quarterback not a disgruntled quarterback russ says it ain't so we have a whole bunch of questions and then college football as you know. It is on the verge of enormous chain. You need all the details. We've got them for you as we get out with you starting right now on a friday delighted to be back and delighted. You've chosen and get up with us. We are going to be busy today. Football on this friday. Absolutely jeremy fowler is here to break a bunch of stories and bart scott louis riddick already to break them all down. We'll get to that in a moment. But we begin with the game of the night last night. Game three nba. In milwaukee after the bucks were humiliated in game two by the nets jaanus struggling big time down to zen but last night he had a goal and fourth quarter tied at seventy four there. He is full. Janas knocking down a jumper finished with thirty three bucks by to just over two minutes to play. We're tied at seventy eight low scoring khris middleton. Oh he was great last night. Thirty five and fifteen bucks by two amok babacan half left in the game tied at eighty kevin durant gets it back knocks it down. He had thirty didn't answer three point. Lead less than fifteen seconds ago. Bucks down by one where you're going for the biggest basket of the game drew holiday spin a rama the edges nine points. But that's the biggest bucket of the milwaukee season. They had a one point. Lead nets could drag on for the win. Wait a minute. Where's this almost a turnover. Somehow it winds up in the hands of pound. That's a wild shot. Not what they were looking for they would have to foul. Chris middleton knocks down to two seconds left three point game. All james can do is watch. Where are you going for the shot. Kevin durant outta great look and it doesn't go bucks win. Eighty six eighty three. The nets series lead is now two games one and there are two places to look for the solution last night and it was those two jaanus in. Chris middleton combining scores. Sixty eight of milwaukee's eighty-six points last night. That's over seventy nine percent. It is the highest percentage of a team's points scored in a playoff game by any duo in nba. History to vacs house. Good vay

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