What Is the State of the Commercial Aviation Industry


So let's dive into it. We're Most of the way through the conference this week. We've heard a lot. It's been a couple of days. A lot of presentations. Lots of people talking. I wanna start with a general feeling as to what the state of the commercial aviation industry is from what you're hearing if you choose one or two words. What would you say is the zeitgeist here. Ron yeah i. I'd say optimistic You know the one statistic that kind of jumps out to me is. There's took broad consensus that the industry could be back to twenty nine hundred air traffic levels by late. Twenty two mid twenty three something like that's where you know. The consensus here seems to be too depending on the platform depending on the market that kind of thing but a general optimism richer. What do you think yeah. you know. Strong agreement cautious optimism. We've never seen such a profound bifurcation between unprecedented traffic drops by the economy holding up. But usually they kind of travel he economic disaster coupled with traffic disaster. Here we only had one Bizarrely enough so i think is a feeling that is things returned to life so we'll degrade machine that is the industry can. What do you think about what the crowd here is thinking. I think bifurcation the word richard use and stole was going to use that word but but it is clear that there's a bifurcation between domestic international travel so when we talk about our peak as coming back. That's the mix. But i think i think the theme is that domestic travel is going to recover much faster. Us and china domestic travels fifty five percent of all domestic arba gays and In our in domestic travel is going to be back probably twenty twenty two and that probably underpinned some of the announced since we've seen from airbus about rate increases.

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