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This is what notes here on scuba shack radio for sunday. July eighteenth two thousand and twenty one first up. Today is an update on the upcoming boston. Sea rovers clinic. Historically the clinic was held in the early part of march just before the start in the northeast dive season. The show actually happened in march. Two thousand twenty just before the country shut down it was probably the last scuba diving show before cove. It wasn't possible to conduct the clinic in march. Two thousand twenty one as we were still at a high point of covy nineteenth spread infections so the decision was made to move the show to the first weekend of october in two thousand twenty one fall in massachusetts. That should be pretty neat. Tickets are on sale now for the boston. Sea rovers to day clinic in danvers massachusetts. Right now the early bird special is still available. You can attend the daytime. Saturday and sunday clinic along with the saturday night. Film festival for seventy five dollars. You can pick and choose your options and that's a pretty good deal. Don't wait check out the boston. See your oversight for all the details and get your tickets now now. Here's something new to help you with your fish identification. It's something called name that fish dot com name. That fish dot com was created by a guy named jake easterling and he is the co founder of a company called scuba. School botox mission is to reduce the cost and time requirements to monitor coral reefs by using artificial intelligence autonomous underwater vehicles and citizen science. I guess and of course this work. Jake developed a database of fish and came up with the idea of taking people's underwater video footage and identifying fish in the video. If you go to the name net fish dot com website you can view short video on what the finished product looks like. Jake also has assured Tutorial on how to make a submission the site says it will accept dot m. p. four emo v dot j. peg in png files. Max file. Size is one hundred megabytes and must be at least seven hundred. Twenty p or higher processing time is one to five days the more fish more processing the rare species. The longer it takes to verify and if your quality isn't that good don't be don't need more time to process. There's a little bit of disconnect on pricing. Jake says into in his short tutorial that you can set any price you think is best but there's also a button that says it costs three ninety nine in any event. Why don't you just go out and take a look at name. That fish dot com. I recently hadn't really interesting email. Come across my desk a few days ago and it was from reef divers. If you're not familiar with reef divers they operate with the clearly came in resorts. Cobol coast on grand came and the little cayman beach resort and the beach resort. They're known for their valet diving. Well reef divers is expanding our operation in the caribbean to turks. Keiko's now they are partnering with east bay resort on south. Keiko's it looks like they plan to be up and running there by late. August east bay resort sits on a mile long beach and boasted. Every room has a beach view. To get south goes she'll need to fly into providence jalis and then you can take either a short air hop over or board the ferry. It's not that long of a ride resort officer an all inclusive option. That seems pretty good reef divers outstanding operator in the caymans so sure that you can look forward to superior valet service from nemo turkson. Keiko's as well so many places to go diving. What it dilemma. Just about every week. Get an update from michael light. Any contains various tips and tricks for better underwater photography plus they also provide some product updates but also in this email is some other interesting information last week. They introduced me to an organization called washed ashore and the articles title said using discarded plastic to save the ocean. Now washed ashore. It is a five. Oh one three or c three nonprofit arts and environmental education organization aimed at bringing to light the world's plastic pollution problem. Well how well washed ashore started by angela ponzi who is a lifelong lover of the ocean and after the death. Her husband from a brain tumor. She turned to the ocean for healing. What she also found was that the ocean needed healing as well so she turned her artistic talents into creating sculptures. That are marine-related using the plastic. That is washed up ashore and they do some spectacular sculptures. I was also amazed by the fact that they have over fourteen thousand volunteers. Working with washed ashore. These are not small sculptures. Either you can check them out at washed ashore and take a look at some of their work. You will be amazed well. I'm sure that we've all heard about the billionaires who are competing to go into space amazing stuff for someone who grew up at the start of the space race in the nineteen sixties. But there's also another race going on and that's the race to build the world's deepest pool at the top of the list. Right now is deep dive. Dubai located in nod al sheba. Which is fifteen minutes from downtown dubai. It's an amazing sixty meters deep. That's one hundred ninety seven feet and contains fourteen million liters of water or three point. Seven million gallons. The pools constant thirty degrees celsius or eighty six degrees fahrenheit. It is team doesn't abandon sunken city. Now that's pretty cool. They have an onsite hyperbaric chamber restaurant gift shop and dive shop. Put this in perspective. The other deep pools around the globe include. Why forty in italy at forty two point one five meters deep spot in poland at forty five point four meters and there's either one coming online or it's online and crom cornwall england. That's called blue vis at fifty meters deep. I wonder if there's some kinda limit on just how deep can build a pool. I'm sure we'll be amazed and finally today. Here's another message in a bottle story. this time. It comes from michigan. It seems that jennifer dour the owner and operator of nautical north family adventures of scuba snorkeling. Glass bottom boat company was cleaning a windows on her glass bottom boat in the cheboygan river when she spotted the bottle inside. The bottle was a message from ninety. Five years ago it read will the person who finds a bottle return his paper to. George morrow cheboygan michigan until where it was found. The message was dated november. Nineteen twenty six. Jennifer posted this on social media and george morrow daughter michelle who's now under seventies reached out michelle indicated that her father was probably eighteen years old when he put the message out. There sounds like the battle didn't travel very far. However now i wonder just. How many messages in bottles are out there. Well that's it for this edition of wet notes here on

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