A highlight from Season 8 Starts July 29 with a new host!



Hi listeners it's here to let you know that we're back with a new season of proof and we've got a new host. Say hello to my colleague kevin banks. Hey bridget it is such a privilege to follow in your footsteps. And i promised to take good care of the show. I know you will so tell us about some of the stories that you've got coming up this season. Oh we got some really great ones stories. That are surprising. Jaw-dropping hilarious and downright delightful. We kick off the season with a story about gelatin and the heyday of cello. That one is package of lime jello. Mixed vegetables chop celery and mayonnaise or salad dressing. We ride along an apple hunters journey in search of a lost apple variety that one now downs apple tree that i found was just on his very very last legs so very soon that one would have been lost forever and we ask how a drink made by silent group amongst has survived over centuries against all odds and you know the the secret primarily because we don't want anybody to steal it only two or three monks the ranchers itself no the formula all that and so much more unseasoned. Eight proof from america's has kitchen. Oh and you'll meet some new cast members along the way to the first episode drops july twenty nine and remember to subscribe. So you won't miss out.

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