A highlight from Owning and Knowing Your Finances with the Budgetnista - Tiffany Aliche


We wanted to bring this topic to the forefront of our shared discussions for a few reasons number one every single day. We are transforming in learning and moving forward and that will always be the case. Nothing is static. Our circumstances change our relationships change. We change this is good. Not bad and to transitioning and moving through life allows us the time and the understanding to grow into who. We've always wanted to be right into who really aren't our core. And so i- approach this idea of transition from a positive angle with great hope embedded inside of it with expectation with possibility. So i don't see this. As life was a bummer. And how do we just pick up the pieces. Cause i could do that too. I have access to that angle personally but rather what can we do. What's possible now. So i am really excited about today's episode. Really thrilled that you are here. Just don't miss any of this episode today because one thing that a lot of us are transitioning inside of right now by either choice or by kind of what was forced upon us. This last calendar year is sort of financial upheaval. Right our finances. A lot of us had to take a look and go. where am i. am i out of control here. Am i driving. The ship. And i is the tail wagging the dog. Do we have to make some renovations. What is moving forward. Elect people lost their jobs. A lot of people downsized in their jobs because you had to stay home and manage kids lot of industries were hit really really hard and then for some of us like me. I went through a divorce and so all of a sudden. I am in charge of finances in which i had never played a role never. I'm forty six years old. Never i didn't know what an aide. I didn't know what our bills were. I didn't know if we had a budget. I didn't know if we were saving. I didn't know anything. And i told tiffany. Who will interest you in. Just a second. But the way that. I the outward facing way that couched this was like a little like a little cutesy would see shoulder shrug like helpless lady. I don't know but i may. Guys hope never happens to branding is. I don't know how the electricity gets paid. Well something did happen. And all of a sudden. I needed to know how that electricity got paid and all of a sudden. I didn't need to know how much money i make. And all of a sudden. I did need to say. Wow the only person i can count on for the rest of my life is me and so that includes financial stability and so for those of you who have been with me for the last year. You've watched me do this in real time in the public eye. When i tell you that the first time i ever sat down in my accountant's office who i'd never met with and literally i had to say what our accounts how many accounts we have like. What banks are they at. How much money's in there. I mean i was at ground. Zero base and the work of just inching through account by account by bill by bill was the work of my adult life and i figured it all out. I people taught me. They helped me. They advise me. I asked one million questions. I just decided right up front. I will ask any question. I don't understand because it's already embarrassing to be a forty six year old. Who has no idea how much money she makes. Who has let her hand over her financial independence on purpose to great detriment right. That's already embarrassing. And i'm like you know what this is a time to be humble. I will ask questions. I don't care how silly they are. how elementary they sound. And i did and

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