A highlight from Baseball Bats and Ghirardelli (with Steve Israel)


Hey up a chair. Attacks on tap with david. Axelrod robert gibbs and mike murphy ask. The worst outcome of the american people is for us to do nothing. I think every democratic senator understands that and every democratic under once you understand that you know that we must have unity. There are lots of members who would wanna say well. If i don't get this. I can't vote for the bill if i don't get that but that can happen if we're gonna help the american people in the boldest biggest legislation in a very very long time. That helps the middle class murphy. Great news i think it might finally be infrastructure week. Well you know. It looked that way from space. I'm just unscrewing my helmet now being on the bezos eleven minutes spaceflight It all went. Well there there were some crying on board. But i'm not going to be one to talk. And i hit from the cameras but Yes i think it. Infrastructure never ends. Now there's going to be some voting and the sort that out. We decided it was time to get a political hack and a political leader going to be kind here because he actually had the courage to put his name on the ballot and one ton of congressional elections. Blocking about steve. Israel who spent i believe nine term. Steve was at about eighteen years in the. Us congress eight terms eight terms eight terms there there. You go including four tortuous years as the chairman of the democratic congressional campaign committee. The d. trip. And that's one of the reasons we wanted to have you here because we're going to do a deep dive on redistricting in the midterms but first let's dive into infrastructure. Robert what's going on. And then steve. You can kind of school us a little bit on all well. I i'm i'm i'm glad i think murphy we're fortunate to have we used d. trip but this is Steve was the chief political. Strategist for house. Democrats for four years which is I think one of the most thankless jobs and all of washington. And he's now thank you thank you for saying. He's now hurting cats which is a lot easier. he's got one hundred of them. They're going to straight line and now heads cornell university's institute of politics and global affairs which They wouldn't let murphy not near cornell So but you know this is the week murphy that that the framework and the the theory Have to really start coming together in In votes in the senate In the committee structure in the work that's happening because we only have a few weeks. Start getting this thing done. And and we've got august recess coming up like big vote. Apparently coming in the senate schumer wants the process to begin a test. Vote on wednesday which he filed yesterday. And so i think this again. This is a huge huge week to start getting something done. Yeah the voting is going to start with a procedural thing in the senate Which has deep well knows and we all do from politics. Talking is one thing voting is another. So i and i'm not sure the voter even happened like a lot of these things when it's not quite done yet they don't have enough ours the d's have some fractures in them when they punt a little bit at the end it. It looks like doom but it can't be a good sign that they're the proverbial day away from the deal where the last stuff is done. But but steve. What do you think is going to happen in then. Let's move to the house. 'cause the senators getting all the attention here but there have been some ominous rumblings. I think on the progressive side in the house. It'll be maybe a chore for speaker pelosi to hold that all together but you you've been there You've been a leader on in the democratic caucus. What What do you think's going to happen well Look at nancy. Pelosi right now is trying to threaten needle while balancing a scale while skating on thin ice that they're very is it's kazoo easy so you're saying this is easy. Yeah no problem at all by the way for her. It's not that complicated for almost anybody else. It would be impossible so putting aside the merits of of infrastructure policy infrastructure. Broadly popular in the country in both the house. And the senate let's Let's break down the politics. This is all about midterm elections out. Midterms are proxy elections on the president. And if in two thousand twenty two cove it is significantly behind us and the economy is doing well and people are getting jobs. And the democrats have a path to retain their slim majority possibly expanded but of covert is omnipresent and the economy's really suffering than the republicans have a very a kind of level path. Getting the five or six seats. They need to take the majority so. This is a really tight midterm election which is why republican strategy is not to give joe biden. Any help. don't pass an infrastructure bill. That's going to help the automated right and add jobs and if if it's going to pass blame him for spending recklessly and if it doesn't pass blame him for failing to cover and pelosi strategy is even more complex. She's got to protect about seven democrats in her majority who are in trump districts but she cannot protect them and pass this bill without progressives now as you know those seven democrats and trump district's there moderates so she's got to protect them and bring them back to retain her gavel but she cannot pass an infrastructure bill without the progressives. so she's a maestro. I sat with her for four years watching her like she's like toscanini conducting a jazz fusion orchestra. She but she will not do anything before. The senate passes a bipartisan bill with hard infrastructure and reconciliation bill with progressive priorities. At that point. She'll know what the landscape looks like. Make a decision in real time and Bring bills up for a vote on the floor. You lotto orchestration. Yeah no no it is going gonna take some wizardry and the problem is the stakes are kind of increasing because in the republican world senate. There's real tension one side. The smaller side led by the romney's and the departments of the world are like look infrastructures. Good we took the big crazy bill and we whittled it down to real brick and mortar infrastructure. Which all the governors either party really want even if they won't say publicly so let's do this then we can go home and say hey we actually got some stuff done and we stopped all the left wing stuff. There'd be another vote. We can have an old fashioned fight over whether we want another great society size multi trillion dollar spending program or not good politics for us to be against it good politics for a lot of them if they can moderate it. a little. Bit to steve's point to before it but that that's the second fight is the linkage where it gets tricky because the other republicans are like wait a minute. We all win from infrastructure but biden wins the most because he's got the biggest job in the biggest microphone and right now we got cova coming back. Biden was wearing a halo and cova until recently.

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