Daniel Negreanu Wins Inaugural PokerGO Cup

Poker Action Line


Poker goal. Event is over with. We've been talking that over the last few weeks and that was played out in las vegas. We had mentioned that alleyoop. Cerovic was a two time winner in early in the tournament in was starting to lay claim. It's one of the best players of the current era but a famous name and stuff winning the player of the series war. Daniel mcgraw new. He is the inaugural poker go championship. Be cashed four times During the event series including win toward the very end of the event and he is awarded the player of the year trophy throw which finished second kerry cats when the high roller took third Meet over a million dollars in that event so some of the top names in the game of poker doing very wellness event. Alex foxton was fifth in the standings. Jason coon seventh and a local. Jake schindler we mentioned one of the tournament's finished in the top ten as well

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