A highlight from Phil Mickelson Stuns At Kiawah

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You could call it early release. You could call it. But obviously phil mickelson just won the championship so we wanted to get our reactions out immediately that all the things going on. So we're back. We're here to talk off and we're here. Because of owens mixers which these fellows were a nice little you could call it a meet and greet if you will down in charleston. Is that what we're calling it. We've we've transitioned. I was gonna try to transfused. But we transitioned into a watch party. Meet and greet just didn't sound right. What it was was we met. Fantastic people down in charleston. We greeted them. And then we all watched the islander game. We watched some golf and it was a lot of fun. Shout out to the bars. Down there uptown. Social really good spot. Shoutout to owens mixers who put on a great event there Josh throughout the first pitch at the charleston river dogs game through a fucking ball and he says it was a strike. I watched it on video. It was just a ball and the announcers had a strike from josh. It was just high outside. But what a great guy that guy is. His whole crew awesome loved every single part of it love being down there frozen transfusions. Game changer can start figuring out how to start mixing in some ice into a nice little blender and you can figure that out for the summertimes. I mean we're talking tasty and refreshing man. I mean it's like drinking a slurpee. So owens mixers couldn't have had a better time down there perfect partner to be at a meet and greet with. They are tasty and they did go down. Nice so owens. At is great available amazon. You can look for owens transfusion. They got a huge price. Drop for the product amazon. Prime one day shift anywhere in the country. Perfect for really anything. Obviously we're coming up on. I mean it's summertime so proud having a refreshing cocktails Get yourself involved in the owens game. They've been supporting us for a long time and sporting them because they just make really good stuff that gives you awesome cocktail so big. thanks owens. let's talk some golf or plays roy barstools sports phil. Mickelson is just one his six major championship which ties him for all time. We had one of the more conic scenes in my life watching golf coming up. The eighteenth crouch began. I la tiger at east lake tiger at the old course at saint andrews in two thousand. It was awesome. Phil was taken deep. Breaths play in his slow is ever played. You can tell that he had this whole system and he was locked in. He never really veered away from it. One that we will talk about think about reference probably for the rest of our lives Gentlemen what a week. There's a lot going on a lot to break down from. The ldp classic to the pga championship two again. One of the most iconic wins that will ever witness to be honest with franking. I were at keo earlier this week. And we watched phil for a good amount of time on one of the days. Where tuesday or wednesday when you're really on the range you know trying to talk to guys. Whatever i think the word franken. I would use when watching phil was lost like it. Just didn't look like he had it or he was really grinding over something. a days and franken. Oh there's just no way you know his his he's going to continue to not play well in this just might be the phase of the of the career that fills in and then he won the fucking thing. He won the pga championship in historic fashion. Which just goes to show that golf makes zero sense absolutely none but it's a it's a win will be talking about for the rest of our lives. Yeah it was a couple of things. I'll take away from it right off the hip right off. The jump is that you know we were there. No firing from the hip is want to say. You're gonna fire from the just shooting out to jump what i want to tell you like the jump thing. No shooting right from the jump doesn't work okay. You never heard that one. We're gonna hit it right from anybody. Certain right from the jump like yeah. We're going right from the jump and you don't shoot right from the job can go right in the job. I don't think you shoes. Yom we've now. We've now done a little investigation. Where here we've now figured out that. I was saying shoot from i was i was saying. Shoot from the jump. Shoot from the hip right from the jump. I combined these guys thing did. Did you guys know like the best horse. Archers of all time especially this goes back to like the mongol empire and the mongols they were so good that when they would shoot their arrows they would time it perfectly when the horses all four legs are off the ground because flat and not bumpy process. That what. I do wanna get out that she got to be to do that. It's insane anyway absolutely preposterous. What i wanna say is that we were there and it does suck that like try. And i were on the grounds for maybe one of the most historic major winds of all time the oldest win fifty years old phil mickelson the lefty one of my idols out there lefty golfer who is like one of very few and he is such a legend. God just watching that watching that Swallow him legitimately swallow him in brooklyn eighteen. I was just like fuck man. We could have been right there but our decision was when we go to majors. Most of the time. It's just easier for us to consume it on tv so that we can take it in just like our fans and everyone else that like all the fans of golf do and boy. Was it a good watch on tv. I fucking love phil mickelson. I will say before we go to lurch. I said to you trent. We were on the driving range. Maybe wednesday or tuesday and we're looking at all. These superstars dustin johnson rory mcilroy fucking brooks koepka. All these guys are right in front of us and all the way to the left was phil mickelson. Doing weird breathing exercises. Not that many people were around him. He was just like over there with his brother and his coaches. And i said to try said. Isn't it fucking insane. I think ayman lynch's there too. And i'm like isn't it insane. That phil mickelson is just not talked about anymore like one of

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