A highlight from MURDERED: Father Patrick Ryan

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A good neighbor state farmers there high crime junkies. I'm your host ashley. Flowers am bread and to the story is one. I kinda happened on while. I was working on something completely different. And it's one of those cases that seems kind of open and shut but it turns out. It is anything but this is the story of father patrick ryan It's late morning. On december twenty second nineteen eighty one in odessa texas and housekeeper. From the sand and sage motel is making her rounds. She knocks on the door of room. One twenty six no answer so she puts her key in the lock and pushes the door open and she sees as soon as that door swings open nearly knocks her off her feet. The room is completely trashed. There is blood everywhere and most disturbing of all. There is a man a dead man lying right in the middle of the room. She runs to the manager's office screaming for him to call for help and within minutes officers from the yoakum county sheriff's department are on the scene. Now i'm not sure anything could have prepared. These officers for the gruesome scene that are about to walk into like i said everything is covered in blood. And i say everything. We're talking the walls the floor the furniture it is everywhere and the man is lying face down on the floor in a pool of blood and his hands have been tightly bound behind his back. Either with a sock or a pill taste depending on the source material that you read now. He's totally naked. And he's been beaten so severely that his face is swollen and his features are distorted when they look closely they notice that he has scratches on his arms and another long slash across his buttocks. According to a piece by jordan smith. The austin chronicle. The room itself has been totally ransacked. So when i said it was trash. I mean we're talking. The tv is smashed. The phone has been ripped from the wall and pieces. Even the ac unit has been pulled out of the wall and his just like hanging there. The beds broken headboard frame. All of it there are closed and beer cans and cigarette butts everywhere and get this. Even the walls are damage and in some spots. The walls are completely caved in to the point. Where like the. Drywall has crumbled and is in pieces on the floor.

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