Brain Chip Will Hopefully End Elon Musk’s Outlandish Musings

The Gargle


Musk has announced that he's neuralink. Brain chip will end language in five to ten years which is just such great news because then and five to ten years. We won't have to hear elon. Musk saying things like this. Must spin on the rafer again because it did he say this on on joe rogan. I think that mentioned that in the article right. And i just find it so weird like the certainty that these men have of their hypothesis of the future. Like you know. I used to make up a language me and my sister bible study to covertly communicate rebellious desires. And like just. Because i don't have the money to throw behind that know. I'll never know if it has any legs behind swindon kingdom who just has to stop there but he gets to try all this stuff out. Did you have a secret language as a kid. You know where you would hide the words. Yeah back slang but it was just like a verger so like a guy of a gum. Spaghetti kevin gang of attacks gang and it was great. Because if you didn't tell anyone how it worked she just split the words and stick it in the middle. And i think is pretty easy to walk out but look we needed a way to communicate with each other is either that or handwritten notes of who we fancied so. Yeah i appreciate any made up language. The great thing about elon. Musk is that he will consistently say these kind of things and then continued to say them despite the fact that he said things like this before that haven't come true like he promised that at this point we would be going around and driverless cars for example or that we would be on mars or that a again. I really wanted to get inside the head of the dude bro. Phenomenon where you're like. Imagine feeling that the answers to life being funneled to you directly because you're a wealthy entrepreneur. You do martial arts

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