A highlight from The art of war in an age of peace


It for a long time but as my guest on this episode says united states must stay good at the art of war senior fellow. Mike o'hanlon joins me to talk about his new book. The art of war in an age of peace us grand strategy and resolute restraint published in may yale university. Press in it. O'hanlon presents a national security policy that contends with current challenges russia china north korea in the middle east but also calls attention new dangers including biological nuclear digital climatic and domestic ohesion in this era o'hanlon argues for continued american engagement military deterrence and working with allies. Also on this episode. Senior fellow malia reynolds offers her thoughts on what's happening in congress especially how the filibuster has shaped recent events in the senate including failure to establish a bipartisan commission to investigate the january. Six insurrection at the us capitol and also how the filibuster will play out in upcoming debates on election reform.

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