C.D.C.: Schools in the U.S. Should Continue to Use Masks


Control and Prevention says schools teaching students from kindergarten through 12th Grade should continue to follow covert 19 prevention strategies through the remainder of the academic year. Here's NPR's Jon Hamilton. But the CDC latest guidance for schools, the CDC says it's newly relaxed guidelines for fully vaccinated people do not apply to schools offering in person classes. The agency says. That's because students under 12 are still not eligible for vaccination, and those between 12 and 15 are just beginning to get vaccinated. Also K through 12 schools will need time to revise their systems and policies to reflect increasing vaccination. So for the rest of the academic year, the CDC says schools should continue to require masks, physical, distancing and other steps to reduce the risk of infection. The agency says it plans to update its guidance for next year in the coming weeks. John Hamilton

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