What Happened to the Wage Subsidies the Government Gave Businesses?

The Big Story


I'm jordan heath rawlings. This is the big story. Patrick breath our is the tax and fiscal policy reporter at the mail and he along with several of his colleagues worked on this investigation. Hey patrick jordan. I for those who didn't encounter it during the pandemic. Can you just explain what the emergency wage subsidy is. It's the candida emergency wage. Subsidy is one of the big programs. In fact the biggest program that auto was rolling out to about this time last year to help a businesses as the pandemic release sent the economy into a tailspin. And the idea was rather than you know. Pay money to people after they had lost their job to try and keep them from losing their job in the first place by subsidizing their employers and the deal was if you keep people on staff the government will subsidize up to seventy five percent of their salary in order to avoid layoffs which businesses qualified for. That was kind of anybody who could apply pretty much. Everybody i mean the were. You know there's sort of were. Businesses added along the way So the very first duration of this was a very small subsidy only for small business that lasted about a week before an uproar pushed the government to lodge the the candidate emergency wage subsidy so any company then that could show that it had a thirty percent revenue. Loss for comparable period could qualify. And then once you've qualified you could get as they set up to seventy five percent of wages subsidized. Not just for employs. You might have laid off before in the company.

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