A highlight from 93. Bulgarias Narrow Gauge Railway Winds Through History. Ivan Poulevski Helped Turn One of Its Station Stops Into a Museum.

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Welcome to museum archipelago. I'm elsner pissy. America pelayo guides you through the rocky landscape of museums each episode. He's never longer than fifteen minutes. So let's get started. The waiting room of the station. South of the bulgarian city of temporary in the ridolfi mountains sits under the watchful eye of portraits of vladimir lenin and yorkie dmitrov the revolutionary communist leaders of russia and bulgaria respectively but the communist period is only one of the era's of bulgarian history the narrow gauge railway winds its way through construction on the railway and the station began in nineteen twenty when the young bulgarian kingdom was concerned that the remote were dopey mountains would be hard to defend against foreign invaders today. The rarely is still a fixture of life in the region each day ten times a day. A diesel train passes by the station. Many people rely on this way away because it's they are only transport they only way of transfer because there are many villages which has no roads. This is an pelewski. A train enthusiast. Who is also one of the founders of the house museum of the narrow gauge railway which sits inside subpoena station yvonne yvonne bullets and from Courteous things the technical university of sofia and the transportation login on its front. Creating the railway through such a mountainous terrain was a transport technology and management problem for nineteen twenty the first two engineers who were invited by the government to plan the railway quit because of the technical difficulty of building it instead. The honor fell to a young engineer called stolen move. Meetups innovation was to build the railway in such a way that if you looked at it from above the track would create numbers eight thousand sixes as the tracks pass over and under themselves to change elevation in such a tight space. The design also called for numerous tunnels. This is she crosses and it looks like eight and bizarre to forms which are more like six soul. It was really really complicated. Bocek so often stands. The way actually has thirty five dollars in order to do that. The rail needed to be narrow gauge. Which could handle the tight turning radiuses. The gauge refers to the distance between the two tracks of the railway. In this case seven hundred and sixty millimeters every other working railway in bulgaria. Today is standard gauge with a distance between the tracks almost double that at fourteen hundred and thirty five millimeters. The painstaking construction continued for over two decades slowly. More and more villages and towns were connected to rest of bulgaria. It was not actually because they didn't

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