The Importance of 'Enjoying the Process' With Chris Bosh


In terms of playing every game like it's your last. You have a quote in the book from the movie. Sandlot quotas at some point in your childhood. You and your friends went outside to play together for the last time. And nobody knew it. Their quotas so powerful for me because he's dabbling. I grew up on that movie practically. And i mean that was. That was my truth as a part of my truth in my career. You know alluding back to that game news. Game against the spurs didn't really do too well other things were on my mind and so yeah went out there. I play the game. I just spent that evening trying to get better trying to push my teammates to get better trying to move a step closer to accomplish our goals but most importantly going out there and enjoying when i do and that was the last time that i played there were no you know t shirts made there was. No you know My good friend to wang way he had this awesome thing called the last dance. Hit was his final season. And i mean they did it up and and he was able to just really really take everything in and enjoy it for the last time you know it. Nothing like that in the lesson that i took from that was pretty much like i told you do enjoy the process. Enjoy doing the work that you put in enjoy if you're on a team hopefully you're in a position to where you're in a good environment. You know appreciate that. Appreciate those things that you have in the opportunity that you have because you might not always have it so i've always taken it to heart.

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