A highlight from EP. 395: 4 Years In!!!


That's black would know. Kay what's up y'all less We back we we go two. We vacation we all know what episode of the right actually. It was my fault but cool accountable. It was because of the title. Do say three five. But in the body i know we have like little notes due to keep us on track. Is the right one so my bad about that. I mean skolj in the middle of it. I'm like eighty four. No we have ninety five very high. No we act because almost four years. What does that mean for you. Well it depends on today. We'll get to that. We'll do that and some show in pillow talk today but we saw happy to be back yard. Thank you for giving us the grace to take two weeks off. Whoever needs to hear this if you doing some type of you cubicle wary year. If you're entrepreneur don't you fall for that Pity early. Two thousand five lingo. No sleep what are you say. Don't bother me. you're not about them. What are you talking about. I don't sleep on you. Don't talk about oh no hustle culture. How nope take your damn time off especially the cubicle warriors. You already don't pay for it so take at me. I'm at the point in my career. Where i need at least two weeks off. The i don't need at least two weeks. I'm not recharged right. You need to. I four to seven days just to completely decompress separate. Then you need to other days to ryanair's think new thoughts get yourself energized to a place where you need to be. So whoever need to hear this. Take it addition to taking a couple of weeks off podcast and i took about seven to ten days off work and i did feel refreshed by and even when i went to bat to work. I eased internet motherfucker. You know sometimes when you go back to work after vacation you just start doing thousand miles an hour. No i did. I went to my team was like you. Send me emails while i was out. I'll get by friday poor. Please come to me on the side. One recent with urgent in the town in the title. Because if not honestly friday following. Monday's when i'm going to get to it i literally took like a third or like a quarter of each of my everyday answered the emails of that day. Then i just literally work backwards into my time and got through it and guess what the world continue to turn to show dunes and then i wasn't burnt out hate everyone. It was amazing. So in addition to that I know before we headed out. I said that. I was launching a new business. I'm in full. Thought of that info nervous. I am comfortable cubicle warrior. I realized that. I just needed a break to kind of be fully in on it and i'm willing to lean in you know my therapist got me together and was like 'cause i was telling out was having some Anxiety around it and is moving through it and just put myself out there in the more of a public fashion in you know i was like i don't know if i'm nervous. I'm gonna feel and she therapist a black woman from detroit and she gets together. She's going to be brilliant. She's going to be worldwide. One day already know that so i'm trying to lock her in now. Ford her rates but she was like this. You know let me real. You're not scared of failing. He she was like because you know she's the one who does therapy slightly different because it's women of color people stuff. She's often successful high. Achieving black woman failures. Not what we skit. We got this far because we failed quickly often able to bounce back from it like near. Just say you take accountability. Oh fail i. I live this initiative. You know you fallen ope mom. Sorry writer you on with the new idea. She was like sound to me. You scared what happens if it works. Ooh oh ask them gunshots guns. How how she was like you. Nervous of what it worked in your nervous. You might not have capacity to stretch yourself to what it's going to mean it's this is if is going to fail as working succeed and succeed niambi capacity. Gumby you're going do. What's it called when you succeed. Tease okay then. When you stretch yourself to that point he got decisions to make ryan you now now. You can do something independently or independently lease with the people you choose to do a wicked instead of doing it with the company right that. Sometimes you like the people you work with. Sometimes you don't right is is is different energies. She's continues to see you won't be able to do both all then. Which one are you gonna choose but you already down the line you month years down the line where you just need to be in this present moment in do the assignment understand the assignment and the the the generation z. Saying you do you understand the assignment into it will just. I've been trying to hold on myself and understand the simon during this time it will in leaning into it right again. She called me. I don't care if i fail.

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