Bitcoin in a Down Trend Now


We're gonna die down again couple of days. I'll do on yes. They are now will policies for that. Tom actually in the prices moving moving house and moving into an office as well. So i'll quite a bit going on at the moment and Yeah it's it's always a pretty good dog moving because the a bit of a being dong ding dong illinois. The show type thing it's You know we've beantown. Maybe wrong like you know we. We do have that four hour now in that in the downturn religious daily the downtrend to that low hyphen level la. The by no means by by no means. Is this a great trend and is a strong trend is just the beginning ovalles. Trying to what we've been saying lightly is that when trends have started. They've ended pretty quickly after that. Now don't get me wrong. There have been a few opportunities here and they With regards to some shorts you had to be johnny on the spot. Because most the time they are the lower timeframes looking at the fifth damien. it The half hour most of the fifteen over the loss of twenty four hours but it stopped paying. Just this has not been as clinton he's been lacking the the momentum has been lacking when we have seen a sell off. Wei saint straight line selloff. We've seen a decent move happened relatively quickly with very few pullbacks so although we do now have ourselves with many of these charts. I from Uptrend with potential for a high high to go. The high level filed to set the high a. Hog which made that's become a level on if that sounds confusing clarify bitcoin on the daily easing a downtrend. There's a low high in the low low does this mean we're gonna capitulate and have a really big full auto Does it mean that. No it doesn't mean that's what's going to happen. Could it possibly happen. It could possibly the could also happen. Bitcoin could rise of higher

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