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Shut up, you know. Don't give me my Frazier was 17 when she recorded Floyd's death in May of last year at the hands of Minneapolis police and later posted it on Facebook. She testified at the trial of former police officer Derek Chauvin about what she saw and terrifying, scared. Bacon for his life. The Star Tribune of Minneapolis won a Pulitzer Prize for breaking news for its coverage of George Floyd's death. I'm Ed Donahue. I'm Tim Maguire. AP News A police officer in Chicago is facing charges in the U. S. Capitol riot in January. Prosecutors say Carol Cheswick broke into and damaged the office of Oregon Senator Jeff Merkley and texted photos of himself inside while wearing a police department sweatshirt after telling someone he was going to Washington to save the nation. Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown calls it the portrayal of everything we stand for. Our oath. The law. Brown says Cheswick was relieved of duty. He was on medical leave in Chicago on the day of the riot. Brown says the fact an officer is charged with an attack on American democracy makes my blood boil. Makes me sick to my stomach. A federal magistrate ordered Cheswick released on bond. I'm Ed Donahue. The Justice Department says it will review a wave of new restrictive voting laws in GOP controlled states. Attorney General Merrick Garland says a lot of things are open to debate in America but the right of all eligible citizens to vote. Is not one of them. He says the department will double its civil rights division staffing as it looks at new and existing laws to make sure they don't violate federal voting rights. Garland says States will also get guidance about mail voting and post election audits. Soccer Megane Washington

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