Michael Wilbon on Basketball Hall of Fame Weekend

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Late on sunday night and of the many differences between you and tony kornheiser who goes to bed before nine. Thirty your ability to thrive in the evening that might be. The biggest distinction might be more similar than people know. We're willing to admit a public. But yeah i don't i don't get goin' get two or three o'clock in the afternoon as you already. Yes so when you get going in two or three o'clock and you live out twelve hour just a twelve hour day you've got gotta go to two or three o'clock in the morning. Tony starts at four o'clock in the morning. There's nowhere to go where we go with that. Getting up at four is the craziest thing ever well where he is not going. Mike as of yet at least is where you just were over the weekend because user are officially a member of the basketball hall of fame. You just got back from your induction so allow me to be is at the nine th person the ten millionth person to tell you. Congratulations can i get in at that point in the long wave before. You're waiting for that one. But i will tell you that myself on that level with with hall of fame going to do that vulnerable wanna pulitzer prize. I could lord. That were people. Because that's the industry man and that's our ultimate hall of fame and i ain't gonna win windows' there are people who win this weekend. I mean i stood After the speech and i looked out there and people are getting a standing ovation yulia serving. And it's charles in it's magic johnson. Like like that's not a reverse situation and mike tyson. Mike is that

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