Coaching, Parenting, & Empowering Female Athletes With Alison Foley


Allison what is the number one difference between coaching girls and boys. Or what is the main when you when you start a talker. When you're starting to write the book what's the first thing that came to your mind about the differences. Really nothing on the field. I think between the lines. You run similar drills urine in similar exercises on tactically. You communicate the same. On the chalkboard halftime pre-game. It looks very similar. it is similar. I think the biggest difference is the emotional side to it in you know in communication and They they're both have their assets in terms of their strengths in in in their communication. And how they want to be communicated to and you know you think. There's a couple of examples that i put in the in the book you can say to know on picture day team picture day for the boys they all the big guys on the back all of them. Think you're the big guy. They are all gone. Big girls lineup. No choice of words and and it's it's a lot of it. Is the media hype. What what do we see. What do we see often on modeling. The guy side. It's these big muscular six four. You know ripped guys you know and let me see we see a lot of that's that really honoring you know smaller bodies and maybe a thinner and in girls see that in guys see that so we're apodictic social and agenda for sure So we need to be aware of that as coach and even even sometimes tone tone means a lot more than messaging specifically. I think with females. In how many times oceanside you gotta slow down to go to slow down. Take a look at that. Like how am. I going to slow down when the screaming at me with annexes your in your voice and you know we forget that processing comes in and then as i translate and try to execute that plays older friends so just being aware of that that that second quarter that goes with with boys and

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