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We got our first look at justin field this weekend as the bears. Rookie camp got wet welcomed. Nfl live it alongside. Meantime marc spears. And adam schefter. I'm field yates ahead this hour. Apparently tom brady spent last season learning a new language. It's turned out. We'll explain the let's start to cock. While the bears made the boldest moves of the first round with the twenty twenty one. Nfl draft rising for pick twenty to eleven in a trade with the giants and sent new york. It's twenty twenty two first round. Pick to select ohio states. Justin field head goes back now. He has made it clear any delta status as the starter hasn't changed yes india's the starter and he's going to get one reps when you go up to draft a quarterback Like justin everyone's very excited and they want to know when win win and trust me. We all understand that but we need to make sure that whatever that plan is that we put together that is the best thing for for the chicago bears fifty. We'll start with you. It is may after all. But is this coach for matt nagy or do the bears really plan to go to andy dalton to begin the season feel you remember what happened after the bear sign andy dalton and the social media account tweeted out. Andy dalton. Qb one and held steadfast to the fact that andy dalton remains qb. Want now again. You could almost roll the sound of most head coaches after. They draft a quarterback in the first. We're going to be patient. We're gonna wait. We've got the other guy here. It seems like it's the same speech every year with different quarterback and then what happens is the veteran comes in struggles at one point or another the fans. Get more hysterical for the rookie quarterback in the first round pick. Nobody holds out patients. They turned smokey quarterback sooner than they want. It feels like that's what's unfolding here in chicago. That is qb one. They plan to open the season with their one dalton and they would like to ride him as long as they can before turning it over to justice fields. But the question i have is. How patient is the coaching staff and office can be what's going to happen. If andy dalton has three interception game are they gonna continue to. Say andy dalton. Qb but going in. That's the plan. Yeah adam is absolutely correct. We've seen this movie before. We've heard these exact quotes before and every year. The same thing happens the rookie. First rounder start. I can understand why the bears might be a little bit apprehensive looking at their schedule in seeing week. One rams prime time like they don't want to throw justin feels to the wolves and to be clear by the wolves. I mean aaron donald. But we don't right now if he's ready we won't know he's ready until we see him in action in august There are things however that chicago can do to make it more likely that he's ready with would of course be the best case scenario This offense already has some aspects that i think justin field will be comfortable with last year. A lot of play action out of wide zone which is not dissimilar from what he did at ohio state. We've talked about how we're hoping they'll mix in more. Rpo's uses legs more speed up his process. This is what the bears have to spend all summer doing optimizing their offense four justin fields so that they can get him out on the field as soon as possible. Jamarcus meaner just said the best case scenario. Is that justin fields has starting in week. One which i agree with by the way. Is this bears defense. Good enough though to win with a rookie quarterback early. I'm glad you agree baby face because sometimes listen. Here's the thing. yes yes. But but but the premium the premium will be put on the fields to take care of football. Which i think he will. He is not a high turnover guy. And i know you appoint to a couple of games last year. I north western is the one that people seem to nitpick. But he's been really respectful of the football and as a young rookie quarterback one of the messages. That matt nagy and this coaching staff needs to get across the justice. Fields is you do have support across the ball. I remember watching tony romo in before he was starting before drew bledsoe when i was in dallas and we all knew at some point. This would be tony. Romo's team because of what he was doing when the cameras weren't on and we felt a little bit more confident about winning a little bit more confident about being a defense that may give up a big play because this is the nfl. But you have a guy that can answer and then not putting us in terrible situations. I look at just feels not only from the ability to go into camp in earn starting job but also that lettuces element of his game really going to stand out sleep when you supported by this defense that they happened to talk go. That's wild facing me macon's that it'll be. We one marcus. The bears or replacing their defensive coordinator chuck for ghana or retired. So they can have to make adjustments there and when meade is talking about the offense under just field i guarantee you. That's exactly what the bears are doing. They're taking the place that he felt most comfortable with at houses and they're integrated into their game plan for this upcoming summer and this upcoming season so that if in when they have to turn to justin field he's running offense a wall like the one. He ran at ohio state. That's what they're gonna try to do. They're gonna make like he's back at school back at home comfortable easy. They wanna make this as basic and simple as possible. That's what coaches continually do for rookie quarterback's until they can feed them more and more and get them more and more acclimated to the nfl game. Show their taylor for justin fields. But again they want. Andy dalton well as we know justin fields. You went to ohio state after spending a year at georgia immediately. One that job. We'll see you can replicate that fate in chicago bears by the way. Don't pick in the first round again until twenty twenty. They're probably fine with it a team. That has a quarterback question mark looming over the organizations. The houston texans held their rookie minicamp over the weekend. Give the team its first. Look at davis mills. The first election ever made a new. Gm nick syria now. Questions abound surrounding their incumbent. Starter shawn watson with head coach. David kelly field in question about the quarterback currently in the midst of major legal proceedings We have nothing to say about that situation at this time a kyle and ownership a few weeks back indicated About what howler organization feels about the situation. I think when. Nick was on not long ago. We mentioned that He also mentioned that The legal process is in effect right now. And we're going to. We're going to respect that and to go from there chef de as you might expect david. Kelly largely lipped there. What's the latest with watson. The texans as things presently stand. Well you'd have to listen to all of his comments feel but it certainly seemed like there was a little bit of a shift in tone into the way. The texans spoke about the sean watching now. Compared to the way that they spoke about him earlier this off season before some of these civil lawsuits on folded and back. Then it seemed to be like desha watson quarterbacking. We believe that he's not going anywhere and again. I don't know that question at that moment. But it certainly didn't sound that we now. It's no comment. now they don't want to speak about it and now they want to see how this whole legal process plays itself out and lean on comments that previously had been made by the owner of the team cow mcnair and so it did seem like a little bit of a shift but i think the more you look at it. You have to remember that. The off season opened with the shawn watson telling the texans trade me. I don't wanna be in houston anymore. He was the original pioneer quarterback before got to russell wilson an hour rogers this off season. And that was the shawn watson early on then the unfortunate unsettling legal situation came up and next shifted the tone as it should have all along so we don't know what's going to happen but it certainly seems like his future in houston. His cloudy

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