Glenn Kirschner's Top Line Thoughts on the Criminal Probe of Trump Organization

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To be joined today by my friend. Former federal prosecutor for many decades but not five decades like andrew. Giuliani claims that he's been in politics even though he's only thirty five years old and also hosted the justice matters podcasts. Justice matters youtube channel because welcome glen kirschner. Glenn welcome are you doing. I'm doing well thank you. It's been an interesting day so far in the news. I know biden just signed the anti asian hate act and hate crimes act and i think that that's a great speech that you made and we've got a lot going on and boy the investigative pressure. The legal troubles are mounting for the former guy as we learned just last night that not only is the new york attorney general tips james teaming up with Vance on the trump organization investigation making her civil suit also criminal investigation but that she has had a criminal investigation open against weisselberg. Cfo the trump organization and sent a letter letting them all know back in january. She's been doing this for months now. And i find that fascinating. And i was hoping to get your top line thoughts so top line thoughts are okay. What do we know based on this announcement by attorney general james and what can we reasonably infer. Well what we know. Is that if you're the target of an investigation and it goes from being a civil investigation to being a criminal investigation. We know that's bad for you. That's bad for donald trump. that's bad for the trump organization because civil investigations are all about money. All somebody can do to the target of a civil investigation is you know levy fines and penalties and make them pay restitution and then maybe at the most extreme they can prohibit you from running a business in the future kind of like when james shut down the trump charity and when she went after and is still going after the nra. But you know what civil doesn't land anybody in prison. Criminal can land people imprisoned. So we know that's bad for donald trump. We also know that too. Prosecutorial heads are better than one right. So tisch james has a full staff of lawyers with experience and expertise in certain areas and advance. The district attorney for manhattan has a whole battalion of lawyers with experience and expertise in certain areas. The fact that these two offices are jordan joining forces. I think spells real trouble for trump and

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