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The space because come on bids space welcome back to planetary radio i'm at kaplan president donald j trump just put his signature on a simple memorandum that speaks volumes about the space exploration goals of the united states it's casey dryers job to understand where that directive will take us and help the rest of us understand it as well casese the planetary societies director of space policy so it's also his job to represent the wishes of the society's members and everyone else who cares deeply about our exploration of the solar system we just heard that japan has committed itself at least at this early stage to are participating in the socalled lunar gateway proposed by nasa and the united states which the president alluded to international operation we also heard about that from scott pace you saw that announcement too yeah and it's nasa has an agreement with ross cosmos to explore ways to to do something like that together and other international partners becoming more interested in this idea the deep space gateway it's really interesting to me because of again if you read the president's memorandum closely it doesn't actually say anything about the surface of the moon right if a says that humans to the moon for longterm exploration now nasa was already planning to send humans near the moon in the context in the guise of the previous obama space policy now the question is is nasa going to in addition to these plans this deep space gateway send humans to the surface lead people to the surface by what means are they going to do that but it's sounds to me that nasa is continuing to plan on its existing program and it's just incorporating this new directive to say of course for it we're going to address your program so it's it's it's interesting at this preexisting program from the previous president is being used to justify rallies follow initially this new memorandum by the new president so it's it's a way to try to keep programmatic consistency and notably it uses all the same things that nasa has already been developing unlike the cancellation of constellation this is a much less disruptive policy change to shift to this lunar focus because we are already going as you know we've got a lot of would be martians in the audience for this programme what should they take away from this.

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