3 steps to save you in case of a missile or attack by North Korea


You can close the windows closed the doors seal everything off so none of that radiation radioactive fallout gets into this space you want to have a disaster kit an emergency kit water food enough materials enough supplies that so you can get by for at least two weeks recovery crews now working nonstop hoping to find five people unaccounted for in the modesty though california areas swamped by major mudslides santa barbara county emergency management chief rob lohan says focus for us of course number one is managing the debris loons as he wants to make sure that basins and creeks or cleared before the next storm hits nineteen people known dead and underground passageway linking gaza israel and egypt has been taken out cbs's robert berger reports israeli jets bombed a crossborder attack tunnel that ran from hamas ruled gaza into israel and egypt the army described it as a terror tunnel because it ran under strategic gas and fuel facilities and an attack may have been imminent the israeli military has destroyed several gaza tunnels recently using new technology which it says is neutralising a major terrorist threat robert burger cbs news jerusale health officials now saying that the flu was an epidemic in all states bonn hawaii twenty choice died of flu related causes dr baroque for tell as an er physician at the cleveland clinic people in age groups that we normally see sick or hospitalized are being admitted to the hospital because they're presenting with severe symptoms for says he seen a surge in cases over the past few weeks people in every age group many of them leave forty to sixty year old range fluids peaking earlier than usual this season protesters and sentence south africa on a spree of.

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