Malcolm Nance Is Right—Far Right Republicans Want to Kill Americans


I hate that every time we have to talk to you, there's something that's proves you're right that is not a good thing. Someone just tweeted as Malcolm nan says they want to kill Americans. You tweeted, you know, after the Colorado Springs stochastic terrorism, Kerry lakes doing it in Arizona. Kerry lakes lies force Maricopa County election official into hiding with a torrent of death threats. I mean, Malcolm, it just feels like one long unbroken story. January 6th, the Paul Pelosi attack, you know, and they just don't stop. You know, they don't stop in terms of targeting people, Mike Pompeo just called the head of the teachers union, the most dangerous person in the world. Wow. Really? Yeah. I mean, I saw that yesterday I was absolutely stunned. Well, yes. And they want to kill Americans, and they are now encouraging other Americans to target other Americans. And the worst part is we are just getting started. Things are going to get much much worse. And I'm going to give that to you straight, no chaser. This is a pure, very obvious intelligence analysis that now because they won the House of Representatives. They feel not just empowered, but emboldened to go after their enemies. The good, you know, to a gay nightclub and shoot all the patrons. You know, to the point where, you know, families were there. They just, they have been told over and over again that liberals, liberalism, you know, education with the case of Randy Andy Randy weingarten. That's insane. Yeah. These people have decided they are going to embrace the potential of violence or actual violence and calling out their enemies so that this, you know, the crazy criminal crusaders will all come out and start killing them.

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