Do Democrats Really Want to Run Biden AGAIN?


Matters, right? Who you hire? So it matters who our president is. It really does. And we're setting the stage now for what could be a very interesting 2024. There is some talk of Hillary Clinton coming back. I don't see it happening. I can't imagine that would happen, but when you have this sort of power vacuum, as you do, right now in the Democrat party, you're going to see some interesting things. That's saying it nicely, right? Interesting things. Hillary Clinton still still has a lot of power and pulls a lot of weight, but she's not likeable. And therefore, not electable. That's kind of what happened in 2016. In fact, there were a lot of people that went out to vote for Trump, but there were a lot of people that also went to vote against Hillary Clinton. That would be exactly the play if Kamala Harris runs. There will be so many people that will just go out to vote against Kamala Harris. So Biden may have to run, right? At all 82 years old. He's going to be celebrating 83, 84. I mean, what's he thinking? At some point to the American people say enough, you know, I want to share with you a poll. This is an AP vote cast survey, actually, it's not a poll. It's a survey of the electorate and it came out just this month in a full 58% of voters say that Joe Biden does not have the mental capacity to serve effectively as president. Again, I'll never think he had the mental capacity to ever serve as president. I say that with a lot of conviction. And I would suggest if you don't believe that, go back and look at his law school grades. And then the fact that he would try and spin it as though he was in the top part of his class, give me a break. So he's never had the intellectual chops. The ability, I think, to really understand and process foreign policy, economic policy. The things that you need and would expect in a president, he's been political, of course, and he's survived because he's so darn damn political, but that doesn't mean he's actually qualified, really. And

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