Was Pres. Trump's Speech Effective When Announcing His 2024 Bid?


President making the announcement there at beautiful Mar-a-Lago. I mean, the place was packed and very enthusiastic crowd. No doubt there are a lot of people that are not very happy about the president's decision, and we're going to get into that in just a little while. But I'm curious to hear from you. The president last night a delivering a speech. Look, I thought it was a fine speech. The question is, was it effective? I thought the president's tone, the president's tenor, was spot on. I thought he was very measured. And how he delivered the speech he was on point. He did not stray. He didn't chase it. He squirrels. And as near as I can tell, the only people he offended were people on the left. So that is a good thing. There are many people that are questioning the they're calling it the lack of enthusiasm. They're saying the speech was boring. I don't know that it was necessarily boring. It was just long. Well over an hour last night, the networks, let's see here. CNN and I don't know if this was a breaking news or a miracle, but CNN actually broadcast the speech. They dipped out about I had a low 45 minutes or so into it. Fox News carried the speech, but they dipped out of it. And then dipped back in, newsmax, I believe, is the only network that carried the speech cover to cover. From genesis to revelation as they say. So newsmax, I thought did a terrific job with their coverage, and by that, I mean, they just let the president speak. You know, there was no commentary until after the speech was over. But MSD and C did not cover the speech at all. They were, they decided to take a pass and they were in regular programming, as was Fox

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