Pelosi to step aside from Dem leadership, remain in Congress


House speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will step aside from democratic leadership but key per seat in the new Congress In 2007 now my privilege To present the gavel of the United States House of Representatives to the first woman speaker in our history the general lady from California Nancy Pelosi 15 years later For what purpose does the gentlewoman from California seek recognition As we gather here we stand on sacred ground the chamber of the United States House of Representatives The heart of American democracy For nearly 20 years Pelosi has been in democratic leadership in that chamber My Friends no matter what title you all my colleagues have bestowed upon me speaker leader whip there is no greater official honor for me than to stand on this floor and to speak for the people of San Francisco And she will keep doing that But as a rank and file member I will not seek reelection to democratic leadership in the next Congress One where Republicans will be in the majority For me the hours come for a new generation Pelosi is 82 as is number three House Democrat Jim Clyburn top deputy steny Hoyer is 83 and not long after Pelosi's speech said he too will stay in Congress but step down from leadership Clyburn has said he wants to keep a leadership spot but also looks forward to helping the new generation specifically noting the trio of Hakeem Jeffries Catherine Clark and Pete Aguilar For Pelosi it's all a moment of reflection When I first came to the floor at 6 years old never would I have thought that someday I would go from home maker to House speaker In President Biden's words the most consequential speaker in American history Sagar Meghani Washington

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