Avenatti sentenced to 14 years in California fraud case


Disgraced attorney Michael avenatti has been sentenced to another 14 years behind bars. In a California fraud case and ordered to pay millions in restitution. The imprisoned lawyer who became famous representing stormy Daniels against Donald Trump and then stealing from her has pleaded guilty to four new counts of wire fraud and tax related charges. He's accused of negotiating big settlements behind his client's backs. And then using the money for himself, including the purchase of a private jet and opening a sideline coffee business. Avenatti apologized to the clients he built, including a man left paraplegic who'd been awarded a $4 million settlement from Los Angeles County, avenatti asked the court to consider the good he had done as a lawyer, but the judge said he had also done great evil. In addition to jail time, there's a $10 million restitution order. I'm Jackie Quinn

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