There Are Alternatives to Twitter


So Twitter's back up and running, you can, I guess, feel free to say what you want now. And a lot of people I've seen a lot of friends who lost their accounts, they have been restored. That's all good, but will it matter? Again, there are other alternatives out there. I'm on true social as well, parlor, of course, has come about and had its own set of challenges. There's locals as well. I encourage you, by the way, you can follow me on locals at Trish Regan locals dot com, where they really are about promoting this freedom of speech within a decent way, right? I mean, we're not talking total craziness, but the ability at least to have an opinion. And in this environment, it's gotten hard. If I tell you to consecutive quarters of negative growth for our economy, means a recession, then somehow now I'm questioned by social media platforms for false information. I mean, hey, look, no recession is the same. But it used to be the definition of a recession. Now you can't say it anymore because Joe Biden doesn't want us to. I mean, that's scary stuff, folks, all right? And either side of the aisle. Remember that? Because it can just as easily be the Democrats that they're going after next. So even if Democrats are going after conservatives and all you can't say it's a recession that could so easily flip and that's the scary part about all of that. Isn't it? But lots of changes coming. I think January is going to prove to be a very interesting month. Don't you think? Don't you think I want to tell you about Kevin McCarthy? But before I do, did you see who's crawling around here? Right here on my lap. This is fluffy. If you haven't met fluffy, this is indeed him. He is the sweetest little thing and so important to me. I love this dog so much and it's the reason why I'm excited to tell you about a wonderful supplement that I found for him created by a former army veteran, an army veteran, a former army ranger named doctor Dennis black, and doctor black is naturopathic doctor, has created this supplement because he loves donks too and he's got a couple of them a little bit bigger than you fluffy, a little bit, but fluffy's just a little tiny Maltese. I encourage you if you're listening on Apple iTunes, go check out my YouTube channel or my rumble channel so you can see this guy in the flesh, but I love him. He goes a lot of places with me. And it's very important part of my life. And so I want to make sure that he is getting the proper nutrients. So this is why I have doctor Dennis black supplement for fluffy that I just add, I sprinkle onto his food every single day, because then I know he's getting the digestive enzymes. He's getting the minerals. He's getting the probiotics. All the things that he needs to have a long and healthy, happy life. Well, hopefully I will. A little bit responsible for some of that happiness, right, buddy. Anyway, I encourage you to check it out. Doctor Dennis black has a wonderful offer for free trial bag for Friends of mine, Friends of this show fans of this show. I'm going to include this link below in the show notes. But go to rough greens dot com today. Are you FF green's dot com today? Are you FF greens dot com today? Get your free trial back. It's really worth it. This is a wonderful supplement. Your dog will thank you. I promise. And your dog will love it. I mean, I'd be shocked. If it was any other way, because I know how much this guy I know how much he loves it, so I'm pretty sure your dog will as well. Anyway, back to what's happening there in Washington, D.C., as I keep him right here on my lap, I might as well, right? These little animals, they're pretty special. They're pretty special. Anyway, you've got chemical McCarthy planning some big changes. Now that he's going to be Speaker of the House. And it looks like Adam Schiff. And perhaps some of these others, like AOC, they're on the skids when it comes to the house Intel committee. As they should be, I mean, when you think about some of the things that have been done, who's the other one, the one that had the friendship with the lovely young woman. Fang fang, was it? From China, that's kind of something I wish I could forget. Anyway, we can't. I would argue rather compromise position there because she is alleged to have been a Chinese spy. Kind of strange to him to have him on the foreign affairs community here in the Intel committee. So I think that you're going to see a big revamp coming of some of these committees where there are sensitive positions and you have people that maybe don't like Israel or have had questionable relationships with people like fang thing. Are going to come into question and as they should. And that's going to result in some changes. Look, I think we need more responsibility in Washington. I really do. I think that people are shooting off their mouse in ways that are unbecoming, frankly, to themselves, and to the nation. And we've got to remember, in fact, who our allies are, one of which, of course, major ally, being Israel. So there's an important some important things that are going to be happening. And I'd say, in that sense, very good things that are going to be happening. But they're not going to go down without a fight. So gear up, be ready. In the meantime, let's all look forward to some Thanksgiving Thanksgiving which, by the way, we're going to talk about this tomorrow. Is suddenly super, super pricey. Have you seen the price said the turkey dinner this year? We'll talk about it. Great to have you here. Make sure you go to Trish Intel dot com. 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